how does court measure geometry etc?


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sorry if this is listed somewhere, looked through the guides etc and am not seeing it

seems there are a lot of different ways to measure reach, etc
on reach it seems some go from the actual seat post, some measure from a couple of inches in front of that, some from the tip of the seat....

knowing how court is doing his measurements would help me in comparing my bike to others etc

easy motion has their frame sizes and geometry laid out nicely on their webpage

haibike is useless as far as i can find on this
court list measurements on some models but not all and haibike has no diagrams showing how they measured or anywhere i can find with the frame measurements for each model etc

anyway maybe court could make a diagram showing what he is using and put in under guides, it would help me a lot
i am sure he needs something else to do lol

even though i know measurements are not the best way to pick one at this point i am not finding enough bikes/sizes to try out and may have to just guess and order online

Ravi Kempaiah

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Geometry on bikes can be really different and often confusing even for the most trained eyes.
The new trend is to use a top bar that has negative gradient as it approaches the seat tube, minimizing the stack height.
Some people have large torso and shorter reach (vice versa) so, visiting the store can be useful especially if you're planning on spending few thousand $.
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Totally agree, looks like different brands and different styles of bikes are measured different

It was helpful to see the actual measurement diagram on the easy motion site for the evo jumper

What i have been doing is trying to compare the measurements to the bike i have now....

Really like that court list gemoetry on each review, that is very helpful

But need to know what he is using for the baseline, then with pics like on the easy motion site i can make a better determination

Probably will have to head over to california to see a better selection, that is my next post
Asking cali people which bike shops are well stocked with electric ones