How heavy are my fat tires?


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These are the tires that I have used on my X3 Pro

CST 26x4.0 - stock tires - wirebead
VeeTire Speedsters 26x3.50 - folding bead
WolfTrax (Innova LV-1002 ) 26x4.0 - folding bead

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I was using wolftrax but switched them back to speedsters. I’ve gained 1-2 mph on throttle only speed, from 24 to 26

And when pedaling while on pas 5 — on the same stretch of flat road, I used to max out to 28 mph... now I am hitting 30mph.

I noticed my battery usage has also dropped ... 10 miles.. I am still at 100% on pas 3 (set to 60%)... whereas before, I would be hovering at the 90-95%


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I just used a bathroom scale, but found my original tire/tube off my $99 Walmart Fat Tire Bike was 2 pounds heavier than Vee Rubber speedster with different tube, That's 4 pounds for both wheels, a lot of rotational weight removed, in addition to lower rolling resistance.

The new rubber cost more than the original bike which was entirely replaced, except for the frame, BB, and seat post when I converted it.