How is the Lancer? Budget FS BBSHD worth it?


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I find myself in a bit of a situation. I have a Sondors LX on order that claimed a January ship date back in September. Since then their bikes have been delayed and at this point I feel like I won't get it until March or April which is unacceptable. The reasons I went with the LX were: Price ($2000), motor (Bafang ultra), battery (48v21ah) and tire (26x4.9).

The last few days I have been contemplating cancelling my Sondors LX and began searching for something else. A few bikes have come to mind, all of which were so far out of my budget I was about to give up. Until just recently I remembered Bolton. Jumped over to their website and found the Lancer. The price point is doable. The tires are doable. The full suspension is a definite plus. My hesitation comes from the motor (BBSHD) and the battery (48v14ah but with provisions for a second battery).

What do I do? Take the plunge for roughly $1k more than my original purchase? Hold out and hope Sondors actually delivers (literally and figuratively)? Or keep searching for a bike that hits my wants without making my bank account squeal?