How long will a DD 500 watt hub last

Kyle hamor

Anyone want to share with the community how long you've Had a hub direct drive last for in the past, like 1000 miles 5000, maybe 10k? I would be very interested in the opinions of the community, just bought a izip dash and was wondering what kind of life I'd get out of the motor. Thanks!


Staff member
Wow that's incredible, 7000 miles!!
Great reference JoePah, I've heard the same thing about gearless hub motors... Some shops and companies refer to them being indestructible but I've also learned (at LEVA training) that the magnets can eventually fall off and come unglued if they heat up too much. If this happens, you'll hear a grinding noise inside (the sound of the motor bouncing around or dragging on the rest of the internals).

Most people agree that gearless is more durable than geared but I've also heard shops and companies say that replacing the gears inside can be an easy fix (for them at least).