How much of an incline can a Rad City handle from dead stop-throttle only?


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I have a bad knee and can not pedal at all. I weigh 180 lbs. I need a bike that can do a hill, throttle only.
I really like everything about the Rad City step thru. I watched a video review where Court rode with Mike (Rad's Founder)
in Seattle as they climbed a pretty steep hill. Mike tried throttle only from a rolling start but the video
did not show if the bike made it up the hill - throttle only. If this bike is not capable of handling that, is there a value priced,
comfortable, city or cruiser style bike that you can recommend ? I am aware that the geared hub motors have more torque
than the direct drive motors. I am fine with going up the hills slowly.
Again, if anyone knows of a value priced bike for this purpose I would really appreciate hearing about it.


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Snow Bird - Summer S.E. Michigan, Winter Gulf Coast North Central Fl.
Direct drives are for relatively flat ground.

Second vote for the Rad Rover.