How often juiced have discounts?


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I was researching bikes for a month to buy for wife and I and decided on the cross current s2 for wife and the cross current x for me. Juiced had a $200 Discount for veterans, first responder, etc for a long time and I looked today Aug 1 to place an order and the discount is now $100. Do you know how often they have discounts for various groups and or general discounts like Black Friday?

Bruce Arnold

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They seem to have discounts at various holidays. I got a good price for Mother's Day this year, and I think they ran the same deal for Father's Day. No telling when the next one will be, but I'd bank on Black Friday for sure if you want to wait that long.


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Some of the holiday sales are based on current stock, or ones in transit, so it is not assured a particular model will be put on sale. Black Friday is definitely an almost sure thing for some models and last year they started their BF sale quite early, but if I remember correctly they sweetened it just as BF arrived. WIth e-bike inventories being low right now, not sure how BF will pan out this year, but inventories are expected to increase greatly in the next 3 months. There still may be a problem with them getting stuck at a US port due to simple volume of goods traffic and/or customs related traffic. BF will be interesting this year, I'm not sure consumers will be in their usual BF mood either.