How Safe and Practical is the Used E-Bike Market :


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Buying low mileage, used bikes that are equipped with motors and batteries that have a high degree of reliability and durability makes a huge difference.

I have bought two ebikes on Ebay, both with Bosch motors and batteries. One was a Cube Touring Hybrid EXC and the other was a Riese & Muller Delight Mountain with dual batteries. In both cases the motors and batteries have held up extraordinarily well. Bosch bikes accurately record and store their total mileage ridden and can be easily read.

Both bikes had the 20 mph CX motors and in both cases I installed a Bikespeed RS delimiting device allowing the motor to provide assistance without any upper limit other than my ability to push and spin. There is no warranty so you don't risk losing it if you hack your motor. This is one major advantage of buying a used bike.

I have put over 3000 miles on the Cube and almost 5000 miles on the Riese & Muller in just that past year.

I have replaced chains, brake pads, rotors, touched up the paint, added accessories but not had any expenses related to the motors or batteries.

If you buy a well trusted brand with a good record and a service network with good parts distribution, I don't see much risk. Buying a lesser bike with questionable service and unknown parts sources would be a risk not worth taking IMO.
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