How tightly should I screw down the top cap?


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Changing out my stem and watching videos, most people say only to turn the allen key until you meet resistance, then maybe give in an extra 1/8 of a turn at the most. I did this, and don't feel any play in the headset (though this is my first time).

My bike came assembled, and when I first removed the top cap, I had to use a good bit of force to loosen it. There is no way that they stopped tightening when the allen met resistance.

Now I am not sure how tight to make the top cap. Don't want to damage anything obviously.


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This will set you up:

If you're impatient, jump to here:

But watch until the end. Basically, just snug up, check for play, tighten 1/8 turn more, check for play, etc. Then tighten up the stem bolts.