how to boost torque of my e-bike


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I have en e-bike for about a year. I used it for daily transportation, my main problem is the really steep slope to my home. I am 40 years old and I wanna feel calm when I leave home without thinking the difficult climb on the way back. I am ready to charge my battery everyday. I need some advise about this issue, especially where to start. You can find some information about my e-bike from this link,

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How is the top end speed of the bike for you? You could gear the bike gearing downward, lose peddling top end speed to get easier peddling for the climb.
That motor is small enough that I assume it's a geared hub motor? 36v? Going to 48v gets you a little boost if your motor can take it. Direct drive motors can be uprated a bunch with a higher voltage battery and perform accordingly better.
Is there a dongle available that "unlocks" the motor to higher speed (more power)? That would probably help too, maybe a bunch. ??
Finally worst case you could get an upgraded (higher wattage) motor to replace your stocker.

What's the pedal gearing setup? Is that a single ring front and internally geared hub in the rear wheel?


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Thanks for the quick reply. I think it is a geared 36v motor. The top speed of the bike is 25km/hr, actually the speed is really not important for me, I use the electric power nothing else but just for climbing. As far as I know there is no such a dongle limiting the top speed of the bike. I have a nexus 7 speed (19t) in the rear wheel and a single 33t ring (this was a 38t originally, but I replaced it and it helped a lot). A higher wattage motor can be a solution, but it should be really the last option for many reasons including the cost.
Is it possible to use a different controller while getting the risk of burning the motor? By the way, when I search the net for e-bike controllers I see something like below,

but I can't see anything like that on my bike. I have only the below unit,


which looks like ( inside.

There should be a controller, correct ? Can it be in the battery package or integrated to the motor?

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Higher speed takes more power. If your bike is limted to 25km and you de-restrict it with a dongle (something YOU add to take OFF the speed limit they set) you not only go faster, but make more power for climbing hills as well. Both needs require more voltage, which the dongle lets you "use". So you don't care about more speed, but that 'speed' lets you climb hills better. Does that make sense?
Yes, the controller is probably with the motor or battery assembly. Some bikes mount them separately but most here don't.
It's possible the motor can take more amps and can be upgraded with a better controller, that is the case with some Bafangs for sure.
I'd check with the bike maker first, then maybe the E assist supplier if the bike maker can't help you. Worth a shot!
Sorry, I'm not a big techie, but saw nobody had responded so wanted to try to help.