How to connect an alternative power supply and more to Shimano DI2?


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Do anybody know what is the type of connector at the end of y-harness for connecting Bosch motors to Shimano Di2, NuVnci AutomatiQ (and so on) gearboxes? And what's the pinout on this connector? Maybe communications protocol?
Probably it's about the eShift system and in Shimano could be connected to EW-EX010 Adapter B. Probably it's an Hirose Hr30 6pin type connector. Maybe?
In my eCargoBike with Grin AllAxle motors & Phaseruners controlers, I would like to power the Shimano Alfine 11Di2 gearbox from the main battery (GreenPack) and not from the additional Shimano Di2 battery. It would be the best to be able to upload the signals of speed and cadence for automatic gearshifting.