How to get access to your Bionx Console code menu (codelist included)


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Very interesting. Thank you for this list!
I have a Dahon muP8/BionX bike with G2 console, Rev 64. Only some of the above codes work in my console, and some give completely different results. Some are read only so it appears that my console is locked and only certain parameters are adjustable Do any of you know how to unlock these devices?

These are the codes I've been able to access:
3771: CIRCONF=1596 (set for 20 inch wheels)
3779: BOOST (Ranges from 7 to 16, mine was dealer or factory set at 10)
1234: GAUGE (Ranges from 0 to 9, mine was set at 4)
Some settings here have added descriptions, (none of which make sense to me):
0041: SLAVE CAN (I2C interface?)
NOTE: No parameters can be set here, and the SLAVE CAN mode can only be turned off by removing the console from its mount.
Do any of you know how to access this interface? I assume that once engaged, the console can be replaced by a smartphone and some additional parameters (such as battery voltage, Distance Remaining, etc.) can be displayed. Do I have this correct? I would very much like some instructions on how this is done.


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Did anyone ever figure out how to use codes without an unlocking service? Or is the only way to turn off speed limiter is to have it done via computer/interface/software?


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Seeking advice!

I have recently installed a Bionx D series with a G2 console on my handcycle but due to my lack of arm strength (I have quadriplegia) I am finding it very difficult to apply sufficient force onto the cranks to get the motor to kick in without my arms fatiguing rapidly.

I have adjusted the codes to what appears the most sensitive for the motor to activate:
0007 - strain gauge gain set to 4
0008 - Gain assist set to 4
0009 - Strain gauge sensitivity set to 0
1234 - strain gauge filter set to 5

I was wondering if there is another adjustment that can be made to make the motor activate with little force applied through the cranks to the torque sensor?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I just bought a Smart e-bike with the G2 console and a new 495 W/h battery. The bike is from 2014. When I press both buttons, it only goes to the clock setting, nothing else.
Firmware is displayed as Rev 62 when switching on the bike.



When I press both buttons, it only goes to the clock setting, nothing else.

When you press and hold both buttons it should bring up 0000 on the display. From there you enter the desired code from the list at post 1 on previous page of this thread using + or - and power buttons as described. Clock would be code 2004. If your clock setting screen is appearing immediately after the initial press and hold, something is amiss.


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Yes, pressing both buttons results in the clock setting appearing directly after 2-3 seconds. And nothing else. Seems user "izzzzzz6" had the same problem in 2016 on page 1. Maybe secific to the Smart Ebike?


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Excellent info Thanks ddub420 The info contained helped me locate the problem with my Controller which was suffering the dreaded Power Protect error.
Turned out I was able to trace it down to a broken wire on pin 1 of the rear hub 6 pin connector, the weather has apparently got in there and corroded the wire away (pin1 is the plus 5v supply to the hall sensors in the hub) Took all 6 wires off, cleaned up the rear of the socket and cut back the wires and re -soldered.... all good now ! Thanks again for posting the details !!