How to hide full suspension battery -- total stealth?

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I am leaning towards buying the Felt Compulsion 10 full suspension, or equivalent. I also favor the 48V Falco 1.5kW rear hub motor. The 1.5kW can do 30mph up my 10% grade. Unfortunately the motor width is incompatible. The OLD dropout needs to be 150 to 170mm, because the motor is wider. Also, that width would limit me only a single gear. So I would need something like a pinion gearbox on the crank.

Why go to all this trouble ? The Grace One.15 is scheduled for Sept. 2015. Check out these specs:
gearbox: Pinion P1.9 (crank only, no cassette needed)
Weight ca. 31 kg
Battery 15,6 Ah / 718 Wh (Range Extender: 23,4 Ah / 1076 Wh)
Torque 55 Nm
Support Levels 3 Modi Eco, City, Sport
Controller Electrical System by Eltronic AG
Fork Grace Rigid Fork, Rock Shox Domain RC
Shifting system Pinion P1.9
Engine 2000 W Ultra Motor
Drive Gates Carbon Drive
Braking system Magura MT 4
Tires Schwalbe Crazy Bob 26″
Front light Grace developed Light System/front light LUMOTEC IQ Cyo E
Back light LED Backlight
Options carrier set
Range max. 60 km* (Range extender: 90 km*)
Recommended sales price 4.999 €

Also, the full suspension would not work with such a heavy hub motor. I would need a hardtail.

I am looking for a two piece, monocoque-like fairing to enclose the frame triangle. I imagine the two pieces screwing together.

I like the stealth design of the Volton down tube. I will ride on a fire road that is frequented by unleashed dogs (and mountain lions). I do not want to irritate dog owners any more than they are already upset by traditional bicycles. I run in the park with some of the dogs.

What is the best way to conceal the battery, probably will be about 15Ah. Should I have a professional weld a metal fairing? Or find a plastic Sondors-like yellow triangle box? I think I will need some advanced battey chemistry like lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (LiNiMnCoO2) batteries. I know very little about chemistry, but will investigate.

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