how to hual a bike in the bed of a truck


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So i have a f150 with a toolbox in the back, what sort of bike rack would you guys recommend. Needs to be removable as i put stuff back there sometimes. Thinking about drilling into the toolbox and putting a rack there....


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If you put a motorcycle style kickstand on your bike (double kickstand) you don't even need a rack.. I have an F150 LB and just set the bike upright in the middle of the bed, and use two ratcheting straps (like $10 at HF), and wrap one around the front of the frame and the other around the back... and just attach them to your tiedowns in the corners. Never had a single problem. It does take a few minutes and if you have two bikes it's a little more complicated.

The other way is to lay 2x4's in the notches across your bed, and attach a pair of 2x6's lengthwise and upright for each bike.. You'd still have to strap them down.