How to keep your wife off your ebike!


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I bought my ebike and really enjoy it. Sometimes I would go to the garage and she and my bike were gone!

Here is the post about my bike:

A week after I bought mine I ordered her bike. It was a Big Cat LBC XL. On their web page it came with a 350 watt 36 volt system. After talking with them, they offered to upgrade it to a 500 watt 48 volt system for $125. I wanted to do this so the batteries would be interchangeable. The only change we made was her preference for a larger seat. She likes the cruiser style handle bars and the step through frame. The specs are very much like my bike. The basket and rear rack came with it.

So want to keep her off your bike? Buy her a bike!

Big Cat LBC.jpg
I thought being 6'1" and her being 5'3" would do the trick. Nope, she rides mine anyway. We shopped for her a step through version of the Raleigh Detour iE, no purchase just yet.