How to make throttle independent of the PAS setting?


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Hi all, just got a rattan lm750, first ebike buy. Its entry level generic hub motor ebike.
So i went in the advanced menu trying to make the throttle limit independent and not limited of the pas setting perimeter. Basically i want full maximum power of the throttle in any pas setting. Im using 0-5 pas setting now. Is this even possible? or can i turn off pedal assist altogether? I dont really like sudden jerking from the motor when i pedal.

Based on the manual, Hf-n setting should achieve what i want, but its still limited to the pas setting even after i set it to hf-n. Anyone have any idea ?

Im also looking to buy higher end ebike with bafang mid-drive motor, is the throttle can be independent of the pas setting in those kind of ebike?

Thank you.


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I have found that bikes dependent upon a cadence sensor have lag and surge including the BBS02. In many systems power is limited as soon as you plug in a handlebar throttle. When you unplug a throttle speed opens back up. Some systems have the 'throttle' in your foot - like a car. The harder you push the more power you get. These do not have lag and surge.