How to pick a bike for Bafang BBSHD


Adrian, those bikes were light. But in snow that wasn't compacted in the up direction, they were prime candidates for an electric kit. Mud might tell a similar story in the up direction.


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What do I think of that bike? Looks pretty. How much does it weigh and how much does it cost?


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Hi Vladsbeat, Fatbikes are heavy and usually miserable to ride with their weight, so they are a prime candidate for the powerful HD. is a clearing house for European overstock bikes. The prices can be 60% lower. No sales tax and free shipping to all States. forums shows that Bikesdirect "BD" bikes can have more scratches and even bent parts sometimes, but hay, that is worth 60% savings in my book. Many users at ElectricBikeReview have BD bikes as the base for their build. Vladsbeat, I hope you got an upgraded chainring on your order. The stock chainring is heavy and not machined to as tight a tolerance as the upgrade "bling rings". For offroad use the bling ring choices offer a lower tooth count, which is better for smooth offroad use. You can always upgrade your chainring latter if you missed doing it when ordering.
I never knew about them, thx