How to purchase online conveniently with big saver from the U.S. to Canada

Buy items online, especially shipping from the U.S. to Canada , it always makes every customer feel headache due to the high fee of cross border shipping, tax, duties and more.

Recently, we find out one good way to solve it out, that is, using cross-border shipping of third-party service supplier, like shippsy. After you register an account at its official website, they will provide one local unique U.S address for free as your virtual shipping address to fill up shipping form on retailer online shop, then send all your packages to their pickup branch locations in Canada or the designated address, no matter your Home, P.O Box, or any other designated place. Of course, all above service is not free. you also need to charge handling fee and applicable tax & duties, the optional extra shipping fee from USP or Canada Post to your designated address.

However, comparing to all process & fees that you take via yourself, it could save a considerable amount of money, time and energy. That’s why we think it’s a better choice to ship cross-border item from retailer online with ease.

More details with step guide, please see the article of blog:
Buy EUNORAU Ebikes Online from the U.S to Canada – Cross Border Shopping Guide

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EUNORAU E-MOBILITY USA CORP) & Website ( doesn’t have any partnership with Shippy, and also never take it as recommended shipping method, that is, we only admit its shipping way of cross-border, it may offer more conveniences to our potential & converted customers.