How to set range readout on Pathfinder 350


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Just joined the forums and also just got a Pathfinder 350w. I love it so far, but the manual for the Bigstone H102 display is atrocious. It claims I can set the display to tell me the remaining range, but hitting the top button as indicated only cycles between odo and trip and never shows range. Finally, the manual claims there are only 3 pedal assist levels and yet I have 5, and the manual also claims if I enter a secret code, I can have 6? I am bewildered by all of this, not least of which is to why such a thing would need a special code to enable it.

Lastly what is the difference between speed and torque modes? Why would I want one over the other? The manual explains next to nothing.

I love the bike so far, but am not enjoying the manual! If anyone can answer these questions I will be very grateful.