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I used to ride canal & rail trails when I lived in the Cleveland area. I miss the long flat limestone/asphalt trails that went on for many miles. My typical ride was 35 miles. I retired near the NC mountains 4 years ago, and level trails are few and short. I purchased my first ebike, a Voltbike Enduro, 3 years ago for dirt trail riding. There is a partially complete trail around Lake James that will run 29 miles. You can ride about 17 miles at this time. The Enduro suffered a frame failure, due to a defect, which I will address on someone else's similar complaint. I sent my old bike out for possible weld repair. Tried to buy a Trek Powerfly FS4, but there is a 2 year wait. I pre-ordered a YT Decoy.
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Welcome to the site & the electric side of the hobby.
Frame failure! that is radical. Please log that on the voltbike brand forum, known problems thread.
I could ride into the Appalachians via Kentucky. but I stay away. Roads are beautiful, but too narrow to drive anything but a 2 1/2 ton pickup truck. The coal trucks on road helped drive us out of WVa. I enjoy the hills of southern Indiana, very rural.