Howdy from Texas


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Hey everybody. I rejoined the forum recently to ask a question. Soon after I ended up buying a 2019 Turbo Como 4.0 at a great price. Figured I'd say hi here, as there will be a few questions coming soon regarding this bike. Absolutely love it after the first 15 mile ride today. This is my 2nd ebike. I bought an Easy Motion Street back in 2013. Got it used at a great price too. It seemed like a decent bike at the time, and I rode it for 7 years. Over time, it's issues/shortcomings grew old. This Specialized is on a whole nother level. I test rode a Gazelle Medeo T10+ which I liked a lot. I like the Brose motor in the Como much better. I think I'll be enjoying this bike a whole lot for a long time. Anyway, howdy all!