Hunter Light Upgrade


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Inspired by mbouck's Biktrix thread, I decided to add a big headlight powered by the motor battery. I liked the look and price of 12v options intended for motorcycles, so I added a DC step-down converter to the plan. The headlight I chose has daytime running, low, high beams, so I threw in a handlebar switch. I swapped the resettable fuse for an ATM fuse, 'cause I want to break the circuit and be forced to take a look if there's a short. I upgraded to a 100v solid-state relay from a reputable manufacturer after toasting a few cheap 60v SSRs from Amazon. Mounting the headlight to the bars was tricky 'cause the bull bar mounts hit right at the taper / rise in the handlebars. I repurposed a strip of rubber that came with a Kryptonite lock mount to fill the gap. Here's the full build list: