Hybrid electric scooter


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Here is a fun looking electric scooter with a gas tank and a small generator for unlimited range:

I still am amazed that someone can produce a bike like this with 20 amp battery, full integrated lights including turn signals, mirrors, fenders, suspension and also a gas powered generator for $2700. Why are electric bicycles so expensive in comparison?



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It's a very good deal for a scooter like this. It's amazing for the structure and features, and the price is just $2700. It really is amazing! It looks very nice.

However, many electric bikes are so expensive because they are cool, delicate and tough at the same time, and almost as powerful as motorcycles and still can be used as bicycles. They are much lighter than motorcycles and are not noisy. And people don't have to get license and register and pay for insurance for them, unless they want to buy insurance on their own.
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