Hydraulic brake modification on Radcity, Salt Lake City, UT


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My wife has some arthritis in her hands and was struggling with the stock mechanical disk brakes her RadCity. After some reading, I changed out the original brakes for Shimano Deore M6000 Pre-Bled hydraulic brakes. She loves them. It truly gives one finger control even on the hills we ride in the bench areas of Salt Lake City. I liked them so much, I switched the brakes out on my RadCity as well. Very much worth the effort. No problems or regrets.

I'm now looking into changing the freewheel and/or/chainring on my bike. I want to feel more pressure, and a little more speed without spinning so much, in 7th gear when on the flat.


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Awesome upgrade, @JonR! I'm going to move this thread into the Rad Power Bikes forum so people can learn from your experience. The Bike Garage forum is more a place for introductions and sharing pics of your fleet ;) Good luck on the freewheel upgrade! I'd love to hear how it goes for you.