Hydraulic brake not working after pad replacement.


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Don't bleed it without the ability to replace fluid. There is very little in the system. You may just need to clear a bubble.

First, raise the reservoir up as high as possible and work the lever to encourage the bubble to migrate back to the reservoir and/or take of the slack you introduced when you reset the pistons. If it doesn't firm up and stay there, step 2 can be "Burping" the brakes by opening the reservoir lid at the highest point and slowly working the bubbles out. This may not require any additional fluid if done carefully. Google some videos of it before you try.

Option three is to get a kit and properly bleed it with additional fluid to make up for any that was lost.


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Theirs a possibility that the pistons are stuck due to particulates on, they can be cleaned with isopropyl. Otherwise bleeding the brakes can make them more responsive.



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nothing wrong with having to pump them after a change. but did you push the pistons in first? often if I do work on my bike I may have to pump the brakes ti get them back to normal.


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Brake has to be pumped to work. Can I simply bleed it or do I need a brake kit to add/drain fluid?
Just like cars and motorcycles, assuming you did everything correctly, it is normal that you have to pump the brake to make it work.

Watch this video @ 7:29


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Thanks for the replies. I watched the videos and bought a Magura bleed kit. Got busy with other stuff and haven't used it yet.