Hydraulic brake sensors and connector type


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Hey all,

(I'll explain the whole story for context)

New here, so hello! I bought a Magnum Mi5 a couple of months ago and have generally been very happy with it. I know it is built to a budget but at the price point, it is pretty good. The only thing which bugged me was the cable operated disc brakes. I bit the bullet and switched out to a set a hydraulic brakes last week and am now trying to figure out the best way to hook switches up to cut the motor when they are first applied.

I have seen hall sensor kits which attach a magnet and sensor to the lever/mc which is all great. The problem is tracking down the connector type on the bike as, out-of-the-box they don't fit. I have attached a pic of the connector on the loom side of the bike. The kit looks like it uses Male 2-pin Higo connectors; the bike, I don't know

In addition, I also want to install a splitter cable as right now, only the rear brake was designed to inhibit the motor. So what I am after is 2x Higo Female 2-pin connectors going into a single Female 2-pin connector (whatever type is on the Magnum - I don't know the name!) I have found this product:


Which does what I want except for the connector to hook back up to the Magnum. I know I can cut/splice and then all my problems are solved but I wanted to make sure there are no alternatives before going to down destructive routes which mean I can't return the bike to stock if I wish.

So, the question is,. does anyone know the name/type of the connector the Magnum uses? Also, if anyone has any other/better ideas on how I can achieve what I am after, that would also be sweet!

Thanks in advance!