Hyper E-Ride Mountain Bike - Stem/Handlebar Riser Sizes


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I purchased my first E-Bike in November from Walmart.com - the Hyper E-Ride City - at the blow-our price of $398. I also bought the Hyper E-Ride Mountain at $158 just to get an additional battery. The City Bike is a really nice ride, and I have zero complaints. I've now decided to use the Mountain Bike, but I want to modify the stem and handlebar position to make it similar to the City Bike riding position. I won't be using the Mountain Bike for off-road riding, so I'm most concerned about comfort. I cannot find the specifications for the Mountain Bike's stem or handlebar anywhere online, including the Hyper website, and was hoping someone in the forum has either performed the modification and/or has that information so I can order the correct-sized stem riser and/or adjustable stem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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