HyperScorpion - Two issues related?


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I'm experiencing two different issues and I'm trying to determine if they could be solved with one replacement (controller). First, the pedal assist isn't working. I checked the connections and did the 'nickel test' for spacing. No bueno. I'm told a replacement pedal/torque sensor is needed by Juiced support. For the record, they told me to replace the sensor first thing. I was the one who requested some self-checks that can be performed before making a purchase decision.

Second, the cruise control feature malfunctions. When I enter cruise control mode, the bike accelerates until it can't accelerate any more. The first time was unexpected and almost caused me to crash. When I reached out to Juiced support, they recognized the issue right away. He made a comment about some controllers not getting 'flashed' before they went out the door and then said my controller definitely needs to be replaced. Lack of cruise control (for me) does not justify a $200 replacement part.

Unfortunately, I purchased my bike from a guy who had it for about 3 months. The warranties are not transferable.

Is there a chance that the replacement of the controller will cause the PAS to start working? There's no visible damage to the sensor. I would rather spend $200 to fix 2 issues in lieu of spending $200 for a new controller and $200 for a new pedal/torque sensor. Also, I see a cadence sensor for $29. Should I assume this has no impact on the pedal assist system?

Thank you in advance!
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