I am thinking of buying a Trek Verve + ?


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This is objective fact : Verve + Max torque (NM) = TURBO: 40 SPORT: 38 TOUR: 35 ECO: 30

Subjectively , for some it's underpowered , from some overpowered , and for some it's correctly powered .

So Steve , please let us know what you decide .
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steve mercier

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im not sure it's politically correct to say I've never met a bike I didn't like. I am not aware that there is social pressure to not judge one bicycle as being "better" than another.

maybe it is part of an overall fear of judgment? . not sure.

but it's not true for me. It is how i feel.

a given bicycle might be overpriced, but that's not the bikes fault, that's the fault of the person who priced it.

it's also not the bikes fault it doesn't fit me. it probably fits someone else. I love it nonetheless. to try it is to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

I would not buy every bike, just as I would not marry just any woman, but I can see that they really all are beautiful.

is a bicycle a commodity like a baggie or a nail that you buy and use and consume?

or is he more like a craftsman's tool, something which even cynics sometimes come to believe may have its own spirit?

I know it is not rational, but I lean toward the latter. I have loved some of my bicycles--not all, but some.. I bring them in the house, like my cat, and sit a while with them. I feel we are connected, which, you know, in some sense we are, at least physically.

I love their wheels, their cranks. I love that they roll.

who am i to say a bicycle is bad, when it has the potential to carry someone so far.

i love their worn out paint, but i love fresh paint.

I love derailleurs so much. but single speeds are gorgeous too.

and the internal hub? wonderful mystery!

and you know, at the end of the day, bicycles all are really incredibly alike.

there's not a whole lot of difference between one bike and another.

like people.

we are all more or less the same at the core.

the frames are about the same. for all the chatter about frame materials, they all feel the same to me.

like the skeleton of a human, is about the same across all mankind. with some variations in size, and the occasional sixth finger.

some of us have more power than others, but none of us are under-powered.

we are powered as we are.

not sure if this is political correctness, buddhism, or just being goofy, but that's how i feel.

but, yeah, from an objective point of view, the trek verve might very well have less power than a similarly priced or even way cheaper bike.

but if your direct to consumer motor breaks down, or the damn control panel craps out and is no longer made, and there's no dealer anywhere, you are really really underpowered!

how crappy can it be, my beloved bike has given me 5000 miles of easy commuting with no mechanical problems?

I love my trek verve. factually, honestly, from my heart, i believe it was worth 2k. I mean, come on man, a WARRANTY that you can use is WORTH COLD HARD CASH on the marketplace. say it's worth, i don't know, 300 bucks. and the dealer's presence , so you dont have to mail crap, is worth another 100. that's 400. really it's worth more, if it's your only vehicle, as downtime is very expensive, as it is for me. Id need to ride my old reg. bike. so really I only paid 1600 us dollars for it, if you count the warranty as 400.

i would say it is worth up to 2,550. a bargain at 2k.
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All joking aside Look at Specialized Como . Probably be perfect for what you want