"I cheated on Strava and got a really amazing KOM"


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I get a kick out of people using the word "cheat" when describing ebike riding, probably because a few years ago I felt ebikes were cheating. I have no idea what e-bikers would be cheating at and I now know it's a way to get even more out of cycling.

Some may take offense to such a notion as this:

"Analysis of JP’s ride data suggests at first glance that it’s legitimate. He has power, cadence and heart rate. Furthermore, his numbers appear feasible too.

So, how could he and others be cheating? My suggestion is with an e-bike. By attaching a powermeter, such as Garmin Vector pedals to an e-bike you would still get your power output and cadence. Heart rate could be recorded as per normal.

You can adjust the assistance on most electric bikes, so it is possible to still put in a lot of effort, resulting in a high and realistic looking heart rate. Furthermore, anything around 300W for 30 mins could be enough to take a KOM if you weigh 60Kg. After all, how is Strava to know that you actually weigh 85Kg and enjoy a pint or five!"

I'm not offended, but I'm not looking to set the world on fire with my cycling either. It would be a good idea to have a completely separate app or an e-bike category for these apps, but expecting fairness and policing on a cell phone app and internet database, is expecting too much. If you want fairness and policing join an organized, sanctioned and policed event! You'll get real accolades and your records will stand for something real.

Interesting article though. http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news...on-strava-and-got-a-really-amazing-kom-183565

Another interesting Strava related article: Strava's KOM awards blamed for reckless bicycling.


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I like how Strava works for ME. I even paid for the yearly subscription because I love the FlyBy feature.