I Finally Got My Red Wheel!


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Okay, so after a almost giving up, I finally got the wheel after 2 1/2 year wait. I must say, it was packed very nicely and build quality was top notch. Coming from the owner of more than 3 BBS bike builds, EMotion Cross, and Haibike, I have to say this thing is pretty slick for getting you around the city. Although it's not the most powerful thing out there, the integration (wireless) and power delivery is seamless. The app (requires a smart phone) was easy to set up and use. The installation of the wheel itself was equally as easy and painless.

I can see why they stuck to the guns about making it bright red ... it attracts a lot of attention and is good publicity for them. I'm pretty much asked on a daily basis by drivers, other cyclist, and bystanders about what it was.

So ... it is work the wait? So far, it's pretty much lived up to it's promise. So I am going to say "yes". But I know some folks backed that project way longer than I did and their communication and progress hasn't been the best. I know that turned a lot of people off. But in the end, I am happy to see they were able to deliver a premium product to the mass and help get more folks out of the car and on their bikes.

But a few things I like to see improved in the future
1. Needs a disc brake version. Currently only regular rim brakes.
2. Needs an 11 speed hub. Currently only fits 10.
3. Be nice if they can shrink it a bit and lose some weight to that it's more "stealth".
4. Maybe have another color option would be nice.


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Chris Nolte

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Thanks for sharing this. We just got a demo in the shop and we've had similar findings. Overall it's a pretty nice product!


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I've been loving my wife's TerraTrike outfitted with the wheel. The trike gives me a comfortable place to contemplate existence in what amounts to a lawn chair while the dog does her business, and the regenerative braking makes it easy to match her pace as we trot around the park. Taking her along on a bike was always awkward for both of us.
Also, pretty pricey imo. Did a quick build on the website, which came to 1500.00 US. I paid 1500.00 Cnd for the Tongsheng mid drive kit and a great battery from Biktrix, which is far more powerful and longer range.

This is a really nice light weight solution if a person needs it though. But I suspect there are other hub motor options that may be more competitively priced?


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Two things made the CW a good purchase for us: (a) we bought at the pre-production price of $700, had to wait a long time for delivery but fortunately we weren't anxious for delivery; and (b) we had an existing $2700 trike that made a retrofit attractive over buying a new trike. I think the CW makes the most sense for someone who has a bike or trike they want to hang onto for some compelling reason but want to motorize it. I think in most other cases that the integrated designs of manufactured e-bikes is the better choice.

Is Cnd Canadian? The US/Canadian version allows for an app change of the max speed from the preset 32km/h to 40km/h, but it appears one is limited to 25km/h elsewhere.