I found a Stromer in need of work


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A local thrift shop has a Stromer ST1 Comfort womens frame bike.
It was stolen and the wires to the display are pullled out. Comes with charger ETC. On consignment from original owner.
The single chain ring makes me think it's the 20mph version. $500 seems fair. I don't buy stolen goods, no papers no deal.
My other Ebikes are a 1500W BBSHD Gary Fisher conversion, and a Trek Navigator with 750W TSDZ2. Both are much faster than 20mph.
Can it be tuned to the 28MPH Platinum spec.? How much trouble and cost is a new display if I can't repair this one? Is a differnet display the trick to 28mph speed?
I've also read things about theft recovery apps. and need to unlock the bike by Stromer. What am I getting into there?
It has Avid BB5 brakes, 8 speed casette and a Suntour suspension fork. I've seen some with 9 speed, and Tektro hydraulics listed so this may be an older version. I like Avids better actually.
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