I love my new Creo, I think I love my new Creo....

Bill Cavanagh

New Member
I just picked up my new Turbo Creo Comp SL E5 ( matte black, thank you) at the same shop we got our Roubaix & Ruby about 11 years ago) and I should have been insistent when I noticed the red over blue error, #3 I think, on my test ride next to the shop. But, I was anxious to get home, 90 miles to Cape Cod where we now live and now I'm waiting for a call back from the dealer to tell me what the "speed sensor/speed sensor magnet" error message means. I have restarted the bike as well as doing the FACTORY RESET #7.6 in the instruction manual to no avail.

Does anyone know a quick fix or do I have to get it back to the dealer?

I'm going to do a regular 22 mile ride this morning in acoustic mode because so far it seems like a great bike even without the e.

rich c

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Likely either an electrical connection or the magnet and sensor are not aligned properly