I love the look

Charly Banana

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If I were to buy a bike base solely on it's design look, it would have to be this BMW. As soon as I saw it I feel in love. It's not just an e-bike, it's a work of art.

bmw-15-electric-bike.png bmw-electric-bike-display.png bmw-ebike-disc-brake.png bmw-bosch-display-panel.png bmw-ebike-bosch-centerdrive.png


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I think their (Bosh)speed pedelec version gooes to 28mph.

Cool. That is a beauty looking bike for sure. I wonder what size all these batteries will be in a couple years. All hidden in the frames I'm sure


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Is it just a coincidence that the frame looks a LOT like the Haibike Treking! Actually more like a cross between that and the Grace bikes!


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I had the pleasure of riding the new BMW Electric Bike today. I went over to the nearest BMW dealer in Copenhagen, Denmark to test it out. Price here is around 2680 Euros.

I had a short 10 min. ride, and i tried out a nearby steep hill. As expected it was no problem. The Bosch engine delivers plenty of power, and it was a real joy. This bike caught many peoples eyes for sure

The brakes feel really good, and the gear shifting feels really good as well. It doesn't seem to have any suspension in the seat, but it wasn't uncomfortable at any point in my short ride.

As I did with the other 2 electric bikes I've tried, I first used it without the engine to get a feel of what it's like when the battery don't last if that should happen. And it's definitely not the lightest bike to pedal around without the engine power. The wide tires probably plays a role in this also.

But it looks really stunning, the pictures really don't lie. And the frame feel like a real work of art indeed. Extremely solid. Hard to describe, but it feels like it should cost the double.

One of the things you dont see in the official pictures, is its fenders. I took some pictures to share here so you can see how beautiful it is put together. I think the fenders looks really good on the bike. I was worried what to expect since i couldn't find info on this online. But i was really surprised that they look so great on it.

Windows Phone_20140805_001.jpg Windows Phone_20140805_002.jpg Windows Phone_20140805_003.jpg

I have to go and have a second testride before deciding if this is the one. But the looks, the power, the wide tires with the good grip on the road (good for scandinavian weather) is really big pluses.

Sorry the last photo is not so good, i was eager to get back on the bike. Did I mention this bike is really awesome btw ? :D