I need a 36V controller, throttle and battery charge display... suggestions?


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My neighbor bought an electric trike that quickly developed problems, the wiring was bad with bare wires shorting and sparking.

I fixed that the bike ran sometimes but not others, it turns out the switch on the controller has a low and probably insufficient watt rating and it stopped working unless you wiggled it and the controller died soon after.

We want to replace the controller, throttle and battery charge display, since the motor and batteries work great. ebikekit said the motor is a direct drive. It's got 36V to run on.

I can't find details on how to wire the controllers. We don't need PAS, headlight, taillight, or regenerative braking, we just want to drive with a throttle. I'm hoping people can steer me to a kit and tell me what to do with the unneeded wiring.

Any help will be appreciated.

bike.jpg model.jpg statusindicator.jpg controller0.jpg controller1.jpg motor0.jpg motor1.jpg batteries.jpg
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