I need an extension cable I think for display but not sure, what is this one called?


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It is the one circled in red, and I believe it goes from the controller to the display cable harness, but that might not be right because I see 5 or 8 pin cables when I search for display cables (https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Bafang...ss-Cable-BBS01-BBS02-BBSHD-kits-/392616731206). It looks to be a 10-pin connector. Both male and female connectors have 10 pins on my bike (Rad Mini 2019) and controller (linked below). That controller is wired for Rad Runners, so that particular cable is short for the Rad Mini. I wanted to see if there are cables ready before I just spliced wires in to extend it.




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Far left (probably goes to wheel, looks like my Radwagon cable), one circled in red goes to speed sensor (to detect the magnet on the wheel), yellow face probably for shifter cut-off option, far right is for connecting to cable that fans out to the display, 2 brake levers, and throttle. The ebay link is the cable that connects to the far right in you picture.

Dillenger sells it as 3 piece set for their Bafang hubs and mid-drives.

I've purchased this from them before and it worked fine for my Bafang BBS02 unit.