i-rack compatible bags in the US?


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I recently bought a Bulls e-bike. I like it. It has a rack with a built-in "i-Rack" system that accessories can snap onto. This appears to be a German system, and I haven't found anybody selling the relevant bags in the US.
I have found Racktime's "Snap-it" system.
So, questions:
  1. Any recommendations on how to get i-Rack accessories in the US? (is there a dealer here? Is there an affordable way to order from Germany?)
  2. Or, does anybody know whether the Racktime system is compatible?


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I think this is the Carrymore I-rack and same as used on some Haibikes? I think there are some threads in the Haibike section on this. I was looking just the other day for Carrymore bags for my Haibike and I was still only able to find product in Europe. I have Racktime panniers for my R&M and they are not compatible with the rack on the Haibike. I've used velcro attaching trunk bags and a snap-system set of panniers on my Haibike with great success. The benefit of my Racktime panniers that I only use on my R&M is that they have a locking device. Obviously a velcro attaching bag must be removed to prevent theft. If I recall from the threads, some folks were successful in ordering compatible products from Europe. I ordered my Racktime panniers and some trunk bags from Europe but haven't bitten the bullet to buy the Carrymore stuff.



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I purchased Ortlieb back-roller panniers for my Bulls ebike. They snap into the i-rack snuggly. I havent needed a trunk bag for the top of the rack, but i am certain that the Ortlieb trunk would snap in. All of their systems are adjustable to fit. Plus, they are German made like the Bulls ebikes. https://www.ortlieb.com/us/trunk-bag-rc