I wanna see your biktrix bike


Please post an image of your bike

My 2020 juggernaut ultra fs

I have the wren inverted fork upgrade with the 4 piston tektro the armageddon headlight and cane creek thudbuster lt seatpost


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Love what you did with those fenders!
Thanks, I hydrodipped them and then cerakoted with clear.
They have held up MUCH better than I ever expected.

The camo pattern I wanted only came in a cheap off brand film and it was tough to work with. Took three tries but I got it!


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How much of a difference do those onyx hubs make, they sure look cool ?
Very nice tweaks

Only noise I hear is my tires, which is a good sound to make! They are very much bombproof hubs and haven't given me any troubles at all.