I Will Never Buy from an LBS Again


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Yes it has always been the responsibility of the buyer to pay the use tax, but since states didn't want or couldn't get there citizens ( who get to vote for their representatives ) they shifted the burden and cost of doing so to out of state companies when they got the Supremes to overturn Quill. By the way now that they are at the trough they are trying to get these companies for business taxes, escheat and anything else they can think of. It's truly the dream of politicians, sucking money from people who can't vote for them. One guess as to how this plays out.


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In my case only 1 LBS in a town of 8,000 and no ebikes for sale and not interested in servicing them. So after 8 months of research bought a Voltbike Bravo online from a Canadian company many provinces away. Other than the delay in delivery this ebike has been everything I wanted. I knew going in it would be on me for service and maintenance. Am fine with that as the LBS even refused to repair a rear flat as they "Dont work on ebikes"

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You're so thrilled that you cheated your state out of sales tax. That sales tax helps pay for the parks you like to ride in, the roads and signage that help you get from here to there, and the emergency services to aid you when you crash. Well done you. Freeloading on society.

By buying from a local business, you contribute to someone else in your community, so that they can buy food and services from other businesses in your local community. What do you do for a living? How will it be for you when your customers trail off because their jobs disappeared?
My state happens to be California. In 2015, local and state governments were in $1.3 trillion debt. I know that $200 in sales tax will be sorely missed.

Housing costs are astronomical here in California because everyone needs to come here for the jobs, which do NOT provide them a living wage. So I am thrilled to shop online in Plano Texas or Madison Wisconsin to create jobs there. In places like that, young people can afford to buy homes and start families. America needs places like that to be healthy and thriving.


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Had a slightly different experience. I bought my bike from a local dealer; it wasn't the greatest of experiences. Gave me a 36v charger for my 48v bike, twice brought bike in for minor maint that was only partially done, head of Svc was ex motorcycle mech not even bike. They moved far away so I got ahold of Magnum after I found a new LBS that sells/services bikes and they were fine with using them for any warranty work that comes up.

I had a tuneup at both old and new LBS and there was no comparison. Didn't notice much diff at old store, new one was like I bought a new bike, tighter and more nimble. I think the old place was all about selling bikes, svc was almost an afterthought. Old place more than willing to sell me accessories at full marked up price, new one got me a gently used Thudbuster for 1/2 price. Entirely different attitude.

My lesson - not all LBS are the same, find a good one and hope they stick around is the best you can do if, like me, you're not mech minded.