ID card for ebikes


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I'm no longer on FB but i remember their being a thread about an ID card. Basically it was make/model/class. Found this to be interesting and think i'm going to make one for myself. To go a bit further possibly putting the state law on the back of the card. You never know... All available info on one card sounds like a good idea. Has anyone heard of these?

rich c

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Maybe print up a couple $100 bills at the same time. Both will be just about as useful if you get stopped by authorities. In 8,700 miles in 3 years, I've never been stopped or had to prove anything.

Tars Tarkas

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I pretty much agree with Rich C, except about the counterfeiting. 🙂 I've never come close to being questioned about the legality of my bike, and I think the best thing to do in that regard is to ride responsibly with regard to others on the road/path. And why have a card when you have your bike? Unless it's some kind of government issued document, and I would much prefer to avoid that.



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I do ride responsibly, at least I like to think I do. I live in an area where there is no bike lanes and i'm sharing the road. I deal with rude drivers almost everyday. Old school mentality. Was just a thought. Carry on