Idea for Mode Select Button.


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We read and watch each review from Court and he covers how each bike gives you different power levels. There is usually a +/- key pad to scroll up or down. Most systems will toggle from 0 to maybe 4-5 levels. Some like Bionx and Falco go to -5 for regen. Optibike just has 2.

What if **??** instead of power levels, where the system simply limits or increases current into the path, but rather is was smarter and changed MODES? Specifically, 5 modes to reflect classification of ebikes.
0 - no assist
1- class1, PAS only, 20mph
2 - class2, throttle, 20mph
3- class3, PAS only, 28mph
4 - class4, pas and/or throttle, 28+mph.

In addition, there could be a standardized LED color schem , on the down tube, for the mode you are riding, making it easy to spot for authorities:

off - mode 0
Green - mode 1
Blue - mode 2
Orange- mode 3
Red - mode 4

Just and idea to leverage technology.