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Hi everybody,

I'm looking into getting an ebike. I will ride it everyday to work and back in Vancouver, rain or shine. While I don't live in Vancouver yet, my understanding is that it is very hilly. According to googlemaps, there will be an approximate 101 meter increase in elevation from where I live to where I will work:

That seems like a significant increase in elevation, and I want an ebike that can do that 101 meter climb daily without putting undue stress on the motor.

The 3 bikes I am considering most strongly are the DOST Kope, the Aventon Level, and the Ride1Up 700. What appeals to be most about the Aventon Level and Ride1UP 700 is that they are significantly cheaper than the DOST Kope. But having hub-motors, my fear is that they won't be great at climbing hills. On the other hand, the DOST Kope is more expensive, but having a middrive motor, will likely be able to handle hills much better.

Do you think this is fair? Or maybe I have it wrong, and because the Aventon Level and Ride1up 700 have motor outputs of between 500-1000 watts and 50-60 Newton meters of torque they will be able to handle hilly terrains just fine?

What do you think? You opinion/expertise/experience is valuable to me. Thanks!

p.s. in case it gets asked, I am interested in those 3 bikes because they are class 3 commuters with a nice, stealthy look (e.g., hidden battery) and throttle.The KOPE is pushing my budget, but It really seems like a complete bike (although it doesn't haven't a torque sensor and some wish it had a more modern engine). If money wasn't an issue I'd strongly consider getting an OHM Quest or a Gazelle Ultimate T10. Thanks again. :)