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I am looking for electric bike and really have preference for 28mph version. I also prefer mid-drive system. This leaves very few options - and even few that are available are pretty expensive - so I am strongly considering getting 20mph one and if that's not sufficient - using dongle or move magnet to crank arm methods to raise speed limit. I spoke to few dealers about effectiveness and implications and got mixed messages.

First question - would tricking speed sensor on computer result in similar performance as unmodified version? Assuming up to 20mph of course. Or would modified version be substantially sub-optimal because the "speed+torque to assistance" mapping would be off?

Second question - in case service is needed - and modification is removed - is the fact that speed sensor was modified detectable by dealer (assuming there are no cable cuts, etc). I was told that by reading computer data it is possible to tell. I have hard time understanding how that is possible - since computer does not really know how fast bike is going - just what sensor is telling it. Is answer different for Bosch vs Yahama (e.g. does Yamaha have a computer port to read from)?

Thank you