IGO Aspire Vendome


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I purchased an iGO Aspire Vendome last summer. After approx. 2 months I had an issue with the chain falling off all the time.
I mentioned to the dealer, who also rode the same bike, also had the same issue.

He contacted iGO, and they said the chain Ring was defective and they were sending this dealer 2 chain rings to replace the defective rings.

The dealer said he was going to spend the winter in Florida and that in the spring he would replace the ring on my bike.

I tried to contact the dealer in Orillia, Ontario Canada this spring but he never returned texts, emails or phone calls. Then his mailbox was full..

So, I emailed the iGO Support contact info and the same reaction, nothing. Not a return call or email from the Support desk.

I would definitely NOT recommend iGO as they have no support, shoddy dealers, and sub standard equipment.

I fear that I will be stuck with this bike, my first ebike.

Any advice?