I'm about to buy a Surface 604 bike. yay or nay? or find a pre-production e-carbon :D


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Hello two wheel riders,

I have probably watched every single review by Court in the past few months. Time and time again, I have been attracted models where the battery hides inside the tube instead of the protruding "dolphin" ones. For reasons that are too many, I was looking for a bike that would make a good daily commuter that wasn't Easy Motion or Specialized.

What I really love is their new E-carbon commuter shown at Interbike. If there was some way that I could purchase a pre-production model or a demo one, I would do it in a second :D

Surface 604 Boar Fat bike is the available model they got now. I would have to wait till Feb 2016 to be able to purchase the e-carbon and I needed a daily commuter now!! So I figured like so many others in the world, that I could just settle for the second best and get the Surface 604 Boar. If there are any of you who thinks I'm making a oopsie, please raise your voice now.

Daily Commute : 14 miles round trip
1 tiny tiny hill
Bike lanes only 60% of the way.