I'm New Here - An Introduction


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Newbie needs help pushing resetting controller after Error 8 message.

I just joined this forum, and could really use some help with my newly purchased ebike.

I'm an American living in north Italy, and I just bought a cheap ebike that I could afford. But, with not being satisfied with it's lack of power (36v 7.8 aH battery 250w motor) I started fiddling with the controller and wound up disabling my power assist function, which earned me an Error 8 on my display.

I will include some pictures, but I scoured the internet looking for this display, in case I had no choice in resetting this one but to buy another. I found it difficult to pin down a part number, because it's different than the normal kt-lcd displays, as it reacted differently than the displays I saw people programming on YouTube. I saw that my display is a (6 modest 36v dual lcd p9!) So, I also searched for button combinations that I could factory reset this thing, but no luck because I couldn't find anybody working on one? Really, is there some way that I can at least get the power assist working again before I try again to tune it or buy other components to make it faster? 16002806516369185779210304585971.jpg