Thanks to every one for the advice and encouragement. I don't have a balance problem, and I ride my new Schwinn (ladies bike) pretty good. Someone asked about budget. Yes, that is a concern since I can't afford a new e-bike. I'd like to buy a front wheel kit as I have the tools and have the ability to do the work. My concern is that there are lots of people selling the kits. They all use the same pictures in the ads, like on Ebay. Some mention parts in the kits where others don't and mention other components. Most of these people don't know how to compute watts, or amps if only two components are known. That worries me. What I need is someone who had bought a front wheel kit who is really happy with it and the seller. My other concern is, I can't afford a lithium battery and will have to resort to sealed lead acid batteries. Preferably three because of weight. That limits me to 36 volts. Will a 36 volt motor do the job, I weigh 200 pounds. Would a 48 volt motor be mandatory?

I only want to ride in my neighborhood, not to work. I quit that working thing 25 years ago. The doctor said my leg muscles are shrinking and I need to exersize more so here I am looking for advice.




Ok, a 350w front motor kit is ok ,but wanting SLA is a crime.if you need to postpone for 8 mnths to save up the extra cash for lith-ion batteries then do it. the extra time is worth the wait. just pedalling and going slower does wonders for leg muscles,and keeps you riding farther.


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A year ago, I bought a 36V 500W rear motor (geared) from a US seller, and a 36V 10AH battery from China on ebay for about $500 in total. Still available today for about the same money. Here's the item. It's a geared motor, which I prefer. The motor and wheel weigh about 8 pounds, and I wanted that weight on the rear wheel.

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People worry too much about setting up the derailleurs on a rear motor. Easy. I turned one screw 1/4 turn and mine was tuned. Youtube is awash in videos that explain it. A disk brake might need some washers to respace the calipers.

Batteries are quite expensive these days. My first one was $180 with $80 shipping ($120 shipping now). Today, I buy them from a US vendor like lunacycle.com and it will be almost $400.

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Luna doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with 36v batteries anymore. This is a 52v battery and a motor that can handle it, for $600 or so. Court reviewed another front kit from Dillenger last week, with a battery.

I would stay away from SLA. The Luna battery is $230 + charger + shipping.