Imagine my surprise when...

Shea N Encinitas

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I'm 28.5 miles out, I swap batteries for the ride home and, someone forgot to top off the tank! Two bars on each battery and almost 30 miles home. So I decide to go for it, pick my battles by running zero assist on all the flats and some minor inclines, toggling the power off as often as possible. I made it! Probably won't want to walk in the morning, but happy not to have to call anyone bloated from over-eating. Speaking of which, I finally got on a bathroom scale today, 165 Lbs! Sheesh I thought I was 185, 190 last time I checked. Keep on ridin! -Shea


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I think you can do it. I rode my Bomber 17 miles on about 0.5 ah onetime. My son claims to have ridden his Neo Carbon 20 miles without using any motor twice now.