Impressed with Rad Rover


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Just got my Rad Rover last Week.
Very impressed so far.

it arrived in good condition.

and I got it put together fairly quickly.

Since they were out of stock on the rear rack I got one on Amazon

Ibera PakRak IB-RA5 Touring Bicycle Carrier and Quick Release Bag
Sold by: LLC. Its a nice bag but the quick release gets gummed up by junk thrown up by the rear tire. If the rear fender was longer it would be protected. I put a baggie over it and its not been fowled up since.

After my first test ride I noted this plug and cover. I have since just tucked it up towards the controller.

I covered this wire access hole with some packing take to minimize the dirt getting thrown into the bottom frame area.

I also got a battery cover from Luna Cycles. Had to cut out the battery bracket holes to make it fit.

I've been out for three rides of ten miles each. This was during the park ride.
The bike did well by all standards.
I bought this mainly to commute to work here in Bismarck ND. So I am riding some icy roads
I've crashed twice on some very slick ice and have ordered studded snow tires just today.
Vee tires
SnowAvalanche-N-26x4.0 - Folding Bead, 120 TPI, PSC, Studded (240 studs)
I'll update when I have had more rides and get the new tires on.

Happy Valentines Day
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Welcome to the Rad family.

I have a black and white Radrover since Sept/16 for the wife and I. We put about 1200 miles between them both. I use my Radrover to commute 13 miles round-trip to work mostly and I switch off bikes to keep the wear/tear/mileage about the same for both.

I wiped out a few weeks ago while trail riding (mud patch on a tight turn). Ended up breaking the two upper bolts and bending a 3rd for the part of stem that connects to the handlebars. Pretty tough and comfortable bike and the 4" fat tires do a pretty good job with crappy paved roads and dirt trails alike (still have to avoid potholes at +18 mph).


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Great bikes, eh?

I am loving mine, was riding it in a snowstorm (fun riding by neighbors blowing and shoveling their driveways!) and took a header into a snowbank when friction approached zero on a curve. I will wait again till roads are bare.



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I have had the Rad Rover for just over a week now. The weather in Bismarck ND has been nice and I have 3 daily commutes of 5 miles each way in. With the weekend rides Im now at 80 miles.
I got into a bunch of mud Saturday and am very glad I put a piece of tape over the bottom wire hole. It would have been full of mud otherwise.

I look forward to having sunrise occur before my morning ride.
Went food shopping last night.

I have tried 2 different baskets for the front and had no luck getting one to fit.
Has anyone out there had luck getting a good front basket or bag for the Rover?


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I have the same worry with my shorter fenders with water/muck getting into the bottle cage holes and electrical holes. I added the Zefal DT Armor for MTB for protection, $13, Amazon. I had remove the rubber straps and drill two holes and used bottle cage screws to secure.

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