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Hi guys! I decided to shoot an instructions video that explains how to use the Impulse 2.0 display panel system. I've also linked to the official written instructions below in case you prefer to read and get the full story on all of the little details.

You can get other Kalkhoff manuals and stuff on their website here and the English Manual has display information on pages 117-122 which I've attached to this thread below (the original file is very large). The most interesting things I've found with their display are walk mode (hold the plus button) as well as clearing the trip meter (hold the minus button) and switching between mph and kph (hold the set button). The display panel shown in the video and images here is the smaller more basic one that requires a shop to update climb assist but the larger display lets the user do this themselves (I plan to add this video at a later date). I love that both the display and button pad are backlit and that the display panel swivels even though it's not easily removable.

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Your video is very helpful, but the attached manual does not have the 2015 set up in it, in particular the holding minus to reset the trip distance to zero is not covered in the manual. The manual being referred to when new bikes are supplied, and on the Kalkhoff website are also incorrect - a surprising oversight by Kalkhoff given the premium price of the bikes. Your video was a real help to find out how to reset the trip distance after searching for a while - thank you.

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Hi Court thanks for this did you ever do the larger display review? I have the smaller display and I have been told that to enable climb assist i just press the same button for walk assist is this correct correct?