In Traffic - More Aggressive Riding

George S.

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If we end up with 28 mph ebikes, they will ride mostly in 'traffic'. A lot of cyclists have trouble with the idea of being 'like a car' in traffic. Strategies like this seem to make sense.

Curious Facts:

You are more likely to get hit on a sidewalk.

You are safer if you don't let people have the lane, unless it is quite wide.

I've notice if people start to use the 'other' lane, they pass very wide. If they are on a double yellow, they get closer. There is a 3 foot rule in Utah, and it is now very rare for anyone to get that close. I use a mirror (always) to make sure the car behind me is making some move left. At some point a passing vehicle has to show me she has seen me and she is moving left.

Tara D.

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I feel that's its also worth mentioning a helmet camera is growing in popularity to document those cases of road rage and accidents and can be used in court if needed.